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Goddess Miss Fontaine

Trained and certified as a professional Dom by the renowned dominatrix  Empress Mystique

Become My Devoted Servant

“Should you be fortunate enough to earn my selection as a servant, you shall be granted the honor of worshipping and exalting me at my rightful stature. Your duty will be unwavering obedience to my every command and caprice. My appraisal of your worthiness will hinge upon your unswerving devotion and your aptitude to fulfill my most fleeting desires."


Foot teasing and teasing torture

Sensory fun 

Discovery of the senses, breathing game


Verbal humiliation and degradation


Nylon or stockings, high heels or boots, leather, latex or lingerie, yoga pants, glove, foot fetish and more

Anal training 

Manual prostate massage, with dildo and/or strap-on


Forced feminization, cross-dressing and sissification.

Corporal punishment

Impact Play - Spanking, Paddling, Whipping, Flogging, Caning.


Predicament bondage, restraints, handcuffs, mummification.


Written contract between servant and mistress

Financial dominance

Financial offers, impromptu requests and commitment agreements.


2 h / $ 800

*1 h / $ 400 (not consistently available)



30 min / $ 75

1h / $ 100

Phone call

30 min / $ 100

1h / $ 150


to discuss

Spoil your mistress

"I reserve special attention for servants whose top priority is my well-being. To demonstrate your devotion to your goddess, the most effective way is through regular financial contributions. While I appreciate assistance with my daily essentials, I also relish the presentation of lavish gifts. I am truly grateful when I receive store gift certificates, as well as travel, spa, entertainment, and restaurant packages. My most devoted servants are those who consistently indulge and pamper me. Feel free to propose, surprise me, or inquire about my desires. Servants who can anticipate my needs and make offerings without prompting hold a special place in my favor. I eagerly await your initial overtures!"


1. You are welcome to propose other BDSM activities, and I will consider your suggestions. If your ideas involve equipment or items that I do not possess, you will be responsible for providing them.

2. Please note that there is no sexual engagement between us during these sessions. I can make exceptions, but they must be agreed upon in advance and will involve additional fees.

3. All sessions prioritize safety, consent, and customization to your preferences Take responsibility for prioritizing effective communication.

4. If you wish to meet in a dungeon, you will be responsible for covering the rental fees associated with it.

  " Adhere to these terms to be welcome in my "backyard darker forest. Perhaps you will deserve a punishment. I await your proposals to make it happen." 

                                                                                                                             Your goddess, Miss Fontaine xxx