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Goddess Miss Fontaine  

Be my worshiping servant

If you are lucky enough that I choose you as a servant, you will have the privilege of adoring and glorifying me at my just value.

You will have to obey me and respond to my slightest desires and whims.

My interest in you will be evaluated according to your level of devotion to me and your ability to submit to my slightest desires.


Foot teasing and teasing torture

Sensory fun 

Discovery of the senses, breathing game


Verbal humiliation and degradation


Nylon or stockings, high heels or boots, leather, latex or lingerie, yoga pants, glove, foot fetish and more

Anal training 

Manual prostate massage, with dildo and/or strap-on


Forced feminization, cross-dressing and sissification.

Corporal punishment

Impact Play - Spanking, Paddling, Whipping, Flogging, Caning.


Predicament bondage, restraints, handcuffs, mummification.


Written contract between servant and mistress

Financial dominance

Financial offers, impromptu requests and commitment agreements.


You can suggest other practices related to BDSM and I will see if I accept your proposal.

If your suggestions require items that I do not have in my possession, you will have to get them for me.

There is no sexual relationship between you and me during the sessions.

* All sessions are safe, consensual and adapted to your needs.

If you want to meet me in a dungeon, you will have to pay the necessary rental fee.


2 h / $ 800

additionnal hours / $ 300

1 h / $ 400 ( not always available)



30 min / $ 90

1h / $ 120

Phone call

30 min / $ 160

1h / $ 220


to discuss

Spoil your mistress

I pay more attention to servants for whom my well-being is their priority.

To show your devotion to your goddess, it is best to help her financially on a regular basis.

I appreciate being helped financially for my daily basic needs, 

but also being offered prestigious gifts.

I am very grateful when I receive gift certificates in stores, but also, packages for travel, spas, shows and restaurants.

I expect my best servants to support and spoil me regularly.

You can make me proposals, surprise me or ask me what I would like to receive.

I prefer servants who are able to make their own offers without having to ask.

I'm waiting for you to take the first steps!

Your goddess, Miss Fontaine xxx