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Virtual Experience


30 min: $ 50

1h: $ 75

1 jour: $ 150

7 jours: $ 750

Custom images

I choose them only for you!

1 picture: $ 50

3 pictures: $ 100


30 min: $ 75

1h: $ 100

1 jour: $ 200

7 jours: $ 1 000

Live pictures

According to your requests!

1 picture: $ 100

3 pictures: $ 200

For one-day or one-week packages, I reserve 3 hours of time, in total, per day (which can be divided into 3 one-hour periods) to respond to your messages. These times will be predetermined with you, in advance, to ensure that I will be available to answer you, at those specific times when you would like to communicate with me.

Photos are taken in sets of 3 and are taken in the same setting and outfit. These are selfies that I take with my phone.I will be in lingerie or completely naked, for you! * Please note that to protect my privacy, my face will not appear in any of the photos.

Email me with my booking section to get in contact with me while mentioning me the package selected, the day and hour of your preference. 

Payment must be made, in advance, by interactive transfer.

Looking forward !  

                                                                                                           Julia Fontaine    x0x0