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Have you discover the World of Julia Fontaine?

Julia Fontaine is an Independant VIP Escort, highly respected and admired for her integrity and authenticity?

Delve deeper into her profile to uncover more intriguing details about her.

Independant VIP Escort?

Explore exclusivity with Julia Fontaine; a VIP Independant Escort, an exceptional companion who offers personalized and unique services to a distinguished clientele. 

Live a premium experience that goes beyond simple encounters, with bespoke services and absolute discretion. Whether it's accompanying prestigious events, traveling in luxury, or simply enjoying moments of intimacy, VIP escorts are here to meet your needs. Experience a high-end service focused on your satisfaction and your most specific desires.

Julia Fontaine

Discover the essence of embodied sensuality with me, a mature and captivating woman.

Standing at an elegant height of
5'6'' and with a harmonious weight of 130lbs, I exude an aura of confidence and sophistication.

My natural, delicate 34B chest beckons exploration and discovery of my femininity. My platine blond and ashen hair frames my face with grace, capturing light to illuminate my delicate features.

My blue-gray eyes sparkle with wisdom and depth, captivating and intriguing. Through their gaze, you can perceive a rich history and life experiences that add to my mysterious charm.

With a shoe size of 8 1/2, my elegant feet traverse the world with grace and assurance, ready to explore new horizons and embrace every moment with passion.

Of white / Caucasian origin, I embody timeless grace and elegance, with a touch of mystery that irresistibly draws attention.

For those seeking sensual and mature companionship, I am the epitome of beauty, sensuality, and sophistication. 

I am completely natural, with no extensions of any kind, and I usually maintain a natural level of trimmed hair at my intimate areas. I typically don't wear makeup, but I'm open to wearing some depending on my preferences or specific requests.

Allow yourself to be enchanted by my presence and discover a world of refined pleasures and deep connections.

Irresistible Charisma

Discover the Fascinating Portrait of a Captivating Woman

Languages: My native language is french, and I am fluent in English. I speak english with a strong french accent, Additionally, I can understand spanish.

Education: Trained in coaching, education, and massage therapy, I am here to offer you much more than just a simple moment.

Attire: Whether for a chic or casual evening, I am always dressed with style and elegance, ready to accommodate all your special requests. 

Health and fitness: With impeccable hygiene, a balanced vegetarian diet, and regular practice of walking, swimming, and dancing, I am fit to accompany you on all your adventures. I undergo tests every 3 weeks to ensure that I am free from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Aesthetics: My makeup is subtle, my eyelashes and nails are natural, and I am comfortable with my appearance, whether natural or shaved. Your preferences are welcome! 

Interests: From travel to meditation, yoga, and therapeutic massages, I am passionate about everything that enriches the mind and body. Let's explore new horizons together! 

Sports: A fan of swimming, dancing, hiking, skating, martial arts, and fitness, I am always ready for an activity that gets us moving! 

Topics of discussion: From world news to music, philosophy, and history, there is no topic that doesn't interest me. Let's discuss and share our ideas! 

Quality companionship service: From our first meeting, I will put you at ease and take care of you like never before. With me, the focus is on your strengths and qualities, in a relaxed and open atmosphere. Let go and be carried away by an unforgettable experience, where positivity, joy, and authenticity are guaranteed to be 100% present!

Note: In alignment with my commitment to privacy for myself and discretion, I choose not to reveal my both eyes on my website, ensuring a special and discreet escape into the realms of pleasure and connection for guests.

Impressive Journey

Explore the CV of a well-educated Enlightened Escort


Accompaniment on transformative journeys of self-discovery, pleasure, and healing through Tantric sessions.

Cultivated genuine connections and facilitated a nurturing environment for individuals to explore desires and boundaries.


Holistic approach to life and well-being

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

Empathy, compassion, and intuition

Creative and intuitive mindset

Proficient in creating and maintaining sacred spaces for exploration and healing


I bring over two decades of expertise as a civil servant teacher, coupled with over 15 years of experience as a skilled massage therapist.

I've had the privilege of participating in various Tantra workshops, immersing myself in diverse teachings and practices to deepen my understanding and expertise.

Additionally, I received specialized training in tantric massage under the guidance of Naira Lira, the esteemed founder of Body Path: https://thebodypath.com/

Tout au long de ma carrière, j'ai travaillé avec des individus confrontés à une gamme diversifiée de défis et vivant avec différentes problématiques. En leur fournissant du soutien, mon assistance a toujours été adaptée à leurs besoins uniques et ce, de manière remarquable.

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