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                                                                                             Julia Fontaine

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"I am delighted! I am Julia Fontaine, a cultured, polite, and well-educated woman. I greatly value human connections and the exchange of knowledge and life experiences. I am passionate about enriching encounters, and I carefully select my companions. I prefer ongoing, long-term engagements, where meaningful and clear experiences are fostered through effective communication."

"I guarantee a delightful encounter within a secure, immaculate, and discreet environment."

  "I belong to an exclusive consortium of accredited independent companion in Quebec city and Montreal”

I am an esteemed member of: 

- Ladies Union:

 - Indy Companion:



To acquaint ourselves, share, actively listen, and build rapport


Social (dining, social gatherings), physical activities (dancing, hiking, swimming, gym), cultural (cinema, museums, shows), and outdoor adventures (beach, park, city)


To accompany you to your business trips or vacations.

Massages offered:

1. Swedish relaxation

2. Therapeutic

3. Tantric

4. Erotic

Cuddle therapy

A practice centered around mutual affection and finding comfort in each other's presence.

Variety of Experiences:

1. Safe GFE (Girlfriend Experience): Focused on connection and sensuality, in a secure and responsible manner.

2. Sweet GFE: Emphasizing adventure and discoveries.

3. Spicy PSE (Pornstar Experience): Offering explorations and intensity.

Touring Across Canada

I am frequently touring across Canada.

Stay informed about my upcoming tour dates.

Kindly inform me if you are interested in arranging a visit to your location.

Virtual Experience

I would be delighted to become acquainted with you through text messaging, phone calls, images, or webcam interactions.

First Date

Everything will be perfect, and I'll ensure your comfort. Here is the process upon your arrival:

1. Take your time to undress and enjoy a beverage I'll offer you, should you desire.

2. Following the delivery of your donation, we will engage in a conversation to get to know each other, clarify expectations, and discuss the process if needed.

3. Please feel free to share your wishes and concerns.

4. Subsequently, I'll invite you to take a shower. Please note that the shower is mandatory, even if you have showered just before meeting me. This time is included in our scheduled time together. I will have already taken my shower before your arrival. I won't join you in the shower unless it's a specific request from you and that you have informed me in advance.

6. Before your departure, you are welcome to freshen up if you wish.

"An unforgettable experience lies ahead!
I'm eagerly anticipating it!"

Secure your spot in advance; at least 48 hours notice recommended, but I can sometimes be available last minute too. I will promptly confirm your reservation.

Please go to the booking section and kindly fill out the booking form to reserve a session with me.