Respect and Consent


Respect for Donations

The requested minimum donation is non-negotiable; please honor it.


My safety takes precedence. I retain the right to terminate any booking if I feel uncomfortable or have safety concerns. I will not tolerate disrespect, reproach, aggression, or violence. While I operate independently, I have individuals responsible for my safety and well-being.

Confidentiality is of utmost importance to me!

You can trust that I will never initiate contact without your prior request. Furthermore, I will never disclose our meetings or confidences to anyone. You can rely on my commitment to professional secrecy and kindly request the same from you.

I greatly value respect!

Respect, honesty, and politeness form the foundation for a harmonious experience between us.

- I invest time in selecting my clients, and I reserve the right to decline requests for personal reasons. Additionally, I maintain the prerogative to change my decision if your behavior becomes inappropriate or undergoes a shift. Please be assured that any refusal is unrelated to factors such as age, gender, sexual orientation, or nationality; it primarily pertains to personal compatibility.

- Consent is of utmost importance. Always seek permission before taking any action, and voice your boundaries as soon as they arise.

- Effective communication of your needs and clear requests is essential to avoid misunderstandings. I will reciprocate with the same courtesy.

- During our encounter, anticipate responses of either 'yes' or 'no' from me, based on my present preferences and comfort level.

- Always remember that every action must be conducted with consent! Looking forward to meeting you soon!

Appointment Scheduling

Due to my fluctuating schedule, along with other personal and professional commitments, my availability varies. The farther in advance you book an appointment with me, the higher the likelihood of securing your preferred time. I do not accept unscheduled phone calls. Instead, I prefer to coordinate appointment details in writing and arrange calls in advance. I respond to messages promptly as soon as my schedule permits.

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