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I'm offering voluntary rates tailored to your financial situation and/or your generosity!

 Opt for the minimum rate if that's most comfortable for you, or contribute more if you're able your generosity is welcomed! 

Thanks for your generosity! The voluntary amount you give has no impact on the quality of the assistance you receive.

For an optimal experience, I recommend a session of 2h or lasting a minimum of 90 minutes. Hour-long or 90 min. meetings are not always available (check me in to verify yourself).

Click on the city to see the donation, depending on the area:

Quebec City



Virtual Experience

Text Messages

- 30 minutes: $75 to $150

- 1 hour: $100 to $200

Phone Calls

- 30 minutes: $100 to $200

- 1 hour: $150 to $300


- 30 minutes: $150 to $300

- 1 hour: $200 to $400


- $50 to $100 each or 5 for $100 to $200


References are always highly appreciated.

If you can provide me with 2 references, it is possible that I will not require the deposit.

Please provide me with as much information as possible regarding your references: name, phone number, email, website and/or social média.


 A deposit of 10% to 100% will be required for the reservation.

For incall date, I accept deposits via PayPal. Uber and Amazon Gift cards, Bitcoin, or Litecoin.

 The deposit amount is contingent upon factors such as my availability, the meeting's duration, and my touring schedule. Please get in touch with me to ascertain the specific deposit amount for your reservation request. I usually ask 25% deposit. Deposits must be made via interac transfer, which can be sent to my neutral email address to ensure complete discretion. I can provide you with this email privately.

While I prefer cash donations. If you prefer to make the payment via e-transfer, kindly send it to me before our scheduled meeting and you can provide me with the password upon your arrival. Please note that interact payment is unavailable after midnight due to routine bank website closures.

I give precedence to reservations for encounters lasting a minimum of 90 minutes, scheduled at least 48 hours in advance. Single-hour appointments may not always be available; please contact me for confirmation.

If you cancel, I give no refund on deposit, but could be used for an other appointment (if appointment canceled 48h in advance for an appointment in my hometown or one week in advance in touring).

Your donation should be handed over within the initial moments of our meeting and is intended for my time and companionship exclusively.

I have an appreciation for extra donations and miscellaneous gifts, and your generosity will be greatly cherished.

N.B. If sending a deposit is uncomfortable for you, please let me know, I'm open to exploring alternative arrangements that suit both of us.

The Reason Behind Offering Visitors a Voluntary Donation

I enjoy the freedom it provides to feel free to contribute based on your generosity and/or budget. I appreciate the flexibility, enabling a donation that aligns comfortably with individual circumstances, fostering an open and transparent exchange.

I offer my caring assistance first by passion, so your support truly makes a difference. Additionally, I cherish the transfer of helping each other energy it brings, empowering me to continue giving my best to assist and contribute even more.

While I value flexibility, it's important to note that minimum rate is non-negotiable. Also, keep in mind that this special offer has a limited duration as life situations may change.

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